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How to Change the World—Theories and Practices

Refresh and expand your activism in this six session online seminar—taught and filmed at Bard College by Micah White and Chiara Ricciardone.

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Why Do Protests Fail?

Understanding why protests fail will equip you to create positive social change. Symposium features Alicia Garza, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Dr. Lenora Fulani, the first woman to run for President and get on the ballot in all 50 states, and Souta Calling Last, founder of Indigenous Vision.


Housing Justice Activism and Protest: Past, Present and Future

This online course—taught and filmed at UCLA—examines the housing crisis through the lens of housing justice. Learn from activists and academics at the cutting-edge of housing justice activism.

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What is the Future of Activism?

Get a glimpse of where activism is going with this symposium featuring Jason Russell, the creator of Kony2012, Evan Wolfson, the architect of Freedom to Marry movement, Ananya Roy, leading theorist of housing justice, and Micah White, co-creator of Occupy Wall Street.