Student Profiles

Activist Graduate School students are intellectually curious, socially committed, creative activists. They are international — half are based outside of the United States — and multi-generational with diverse educational backgrounds. Watch four students of the Activist Graduate School explain the impact of our school.


Austin D.

More than anything else, I enjoyed the class structure. I liked the way Micah and Chiara taught.

Emily G.

It was different than a normal academic setting because you’re talking to people, who have experience in the real world, about applying theory in real world situations. We talked about a lot of case studies and looked at theory simultaneously.

Danielle D.

I enjoyed being able to connect with other students that felt similarly to the way I did because most of the activists in this class I hadn’t met before, and I think the fact that it exists brought us all together.

Ella M.

I used to think that there was a very specific set of rules that activists had to follow. I don’t really think that anymore. In fact, I think that following this set of rules is the very ineffective thing. This class made me want to be more creative, and innovative, and radical.