History, theory, strategy for the resistance.

Chiara and I just finished teaching & filming our first Activist Graduate School seminar at Bard College. Our students were smart, engaged, passionate. Three of them were arrested protesting Kavanaugh. And like most activists today, they were desperate for real talk about how to make their protests more effective.

So we discussed everything from violence vs. nonviolence to the power of epiphanies and the role of direct action. We read Trotsky, Gandhi, Foucault, Arendt. Nothing was off limits. It was an intense experience... as you'll soon see when we make these recorded seminars available to online students worldwide.

Next we are headed to Los Angeles to film the second Activist Graduate School course. This time on "Housing Justice Activism and Protest" in collaboration with UCLA's Institute on Inequality and Democracy.

After that? Well.. that may be up to you.

After UCLA, we dream of filming guest lectures by the most distinguished activists, organizers and social movement creators in the world. (We have already filmed one by Alicia Garza, the co-creator of Black Lives Matter!) And that is something you can help us pull off.

Your gift right now will make it possible for us to film guest lectures by the most important living activists and the most influential social movement creators.